crane borer


MWHire offers an extensive range of equipment to suit the smallest to largest scaled operations across Australia. We continue to be a key supplier of equipment to our industries; and through our expansive range of crane borers, we offer leading availability.

Our crane borer rentals allow you to use some of the industry’s most advanced crane boring equipment, allow you to evaluate its technology without the commitment to purchase.

Crane Borer

crane borer


  • FVZ1400 with manual transmission

  • Cross locks and power dividers

  • Reverse camera

  • Battery isolator

  • Wheel chocks

  • Wheel nut indicators


  • Ozzy Cranes (manufacturer)
  • 5/10T lift capacity
  • 14m boom length
  • 10 tone double fall hook block and stowage
  • current crane certification
  • 9kg ABE fire extinguisher
  • 9L Air water level 4 fire extinguisher
  • E-stops
  • 360Dec continuous slew
  • Rear-mounted turret
  • Joystick hydraulic pilot control
  • Operator foot throttle
  • 500L water capacity with pump and retractable hose real
  • 2 x pole carriers
  • Pole callipers
  • Hydraulic tool outlet with retractable real
  • 2 x Spare auger stowage
  • 20T Pole jack and chains
crane borer


    • Screw anchor set
    • Toolbox lockable full-length passenger side
    • General front lockable toolbox storage locker full width behind the cab
    • Emergency hydraulic pump
    • 6” borer torque gauge
    • Plenty of tie-down rails
    • Pole tamper storage at the rear of the crane
    • Dunnage storage on both sides
    • Deck access on both sides
    • Beacons at front and rear
    • Previously owned by Ergon Energy – fitted to spec
    crane borer

    Crane Borer Benefits


    Crane borers are designed to lift and move heavy loads to elevated heights. These functions alone are critical to most industries, especially those that must move objects around the site easily. A crane borers components are of particular interest to the construction and power distribution industries. With their ability to turn crane parts and place them toward the ground, they can easily generate holes with various diameters and depths. Once these holes are created, workers can place poles, streetlights, and others without any difficulties.


    What makes crane borers optimal is their ability to cover long distances, thanks to their equipped mounting arrangement and off-road traction. In addition to their stabilising legs, the operator is given versatility to work in any direction, safely and as close to the job as possible.


    Given the general composition of crane borers, they can easily perform numerous functions throughout their operations. These pieces of equipment can be used in erecting timber, concrete, and steel power poles. They can also hold, grab, or support the poles whenever necessary. The replacement of power poles, ground and pole transformers and other devices can also be conducted by crane borers as well as assist in the installation of streetlights and traffic lights.


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