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At MWHire we know continuing success relies on combining day-to-day operational and service excellence with industry-leading brands. That’s why we only supply the safest and most reliable vac trucking machinery known to our industries. We offer flexible dry hire solutions across a diverse range of 6000L and 6300L vac trucks to suit the smallest to largest scaled operations.

If you are looking to increase production, reduce capital expenditure or maximise returns on your investment then look to our flexible vac truck dry hire solutions for your next project.

6300l vacuum truck

If your next hydro excavation job requires uncompromised power, suction and speed then look no further than Vac Truck Industries 6300L Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck.

This trucks simple design and easy to use operating system, allows for quick adaptation and fast application, allowing operators to get on with the job sooner and finish in lesser time. This vac truck is fully hydraulically driven with the capability to turn everything on and off with a simple press of a button. Compact storage compartments for hoses and equipment provide extra convenience when operating on-site, all fitted and matched to Vac Truck Industries unparalleled truck design.

This innovative and forward-thinking construction not only makes a Vac Truck Industries truck look good, but it’s also guaranteed to save you time and money when on the road.

6000l vacuum truck

Blast, cut and dig and without risk to underground assets with the STG Global HDV6000L hydro excavation truck, your all-in-one purpose-built hydro excavation solution.

When your day calls for hydro excavation the HDV6000’s generous spoil capacity tank and twin water tanks, means you will have all the water pressure and power you’ll need to get the job done on time, every time. And with two extra water tanks, you can spend more time on the job and less time replenishing your supply.


Being a key supplier and partner to the construction industry has led to the development of trusted, long-standing partnerships with some of the largest and most respected vac truck brands known to the Australian market. These partnerships have built our reputation, known for delivering safe, reliable and workable plant equipment and hiring solutions that continue to support the ever-changing demands of the civil, construction and infrastructure industries of Australia. For over a decade, we have joined with some of Australia’s industry-leading vac trucking brands to provide our customers with the best equipment solutions for their business. Within this strong network, our products make an important contribution to strengthening our business success and ever-changing industry. We develop cost-efficient and reliable solutions to combat the demanding needs of our customer’s industries. The skills and commitment of our employees, partners and customers form the basis of our success. Together we share knowledge, combine it, and use it to create something new – across companies, industries, and states.

non destructive digging

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro vacuum excavation trucks (aka. sucker trucks, vac trucks, vacuum trucks) are specifically designed for the suction and collection of slush, slurry and liquids. These non-invasive, non-destructive and environmentally friendly methods of vacuum excavation are changing the way companies excavate across Australia.

Vac trucks are fitted with high-pressure hoses and suction tubes, capable of undertaking non-destructive excavation and vacuuming via non-mechanical ground entry. High pressurised water is used to loosen the soil on the targeted surface while a vacuum sucks up all the soil, debris, liquids, slurry or sludge back into its tank. The liquid can then be transported to another location for disposal.

The process of hydro excavation reduces a lot of unnecessary effects from traditional excavation methods. It provides a more accurate and precise job so damages to any surrounding pipes, utilities and the environment are considerably lessened. Here are just some of the benefits of hydro excavation:


  • Minimised risk of damage to sewer, gas, storm-water, telecommunications and underground power
  • Save time, propose realistic scheduling, increase worksite safety for workers and the general public
  • Improve digging accuracy and speed, non-destructive works with low impact to the environment



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